The Body Electric


…The right amount of the right substance taken at the right time acts as a transformative substance…

Now we know that unless there is an electrical charge, there is no life. Life then, is electrical. And when electrical systems go, although the chemistry is still there, the life does not exist,’ says Dr. Valerie Hunt, Prof. Emeritus, Dept. of Physiological Sciences, UCLA.

Geopathogenic zones (the zones of harmful effects on human health) in nature form where there is a fall out of electrical charge and magnetism. That leads us to lose our magnetism, resulting in chronic fatigue and depression.

Research has shown that over the last 4,000 years the Earth’s magnetic field has faded by 80% and by some 50% over the last 1,000 years. That is why the human blood slowly loses alkalinity (normal pH blood value is 7.49 +/- 0.05) and turns acidic, giving viruses and bacteria a good opportunity to nestle.

Silver is an excellent conductor. The body is electric, conducting 50 – 70 mV. To precisely replicate cells, the body must conduct electricity properly. Old, injured and sick bodies ‘work’ at lower frequencies.

One of colloidal silver’s many roles in contributing to man’s health is it reinstates and improves the body’s electrical conductivity.

There is medical evidence that electrical silver ions improve the healing of injured tissues 50% faster than usual, even in elderly patients.

Apart from healing damaged cells faster and destroying pathogens, colloidal silver has a beneficial effect on the laminar flow and improves microcirculation, facilitating the recuperation of damaged tissues, a point worth noting for coronary patients and people suffering from poor blood circulation, and vein and capillary conditions.

Colloidal silver improves vascular tone. Silver water, which is also magnetically enriched, envelopes a blood vessel so that it becomes smooth, resulting in changing the cell membrane electrostatics and polarizing the erythrocytes, which gain surface charge, i.e. they move.

When they enter the cells, because they hold same electrical charge, the particles repel one another and break down the blood clots destroying the existing thrombus and reducing the chances of a new one developing. Faster blood flow means improved brain perfusion, which directly improves memory and concentration while doing an activity.

Oxygen and nutrients are better transferred through the body, making one feel better and more content, while the circulation maintains normal body temperature and facilitates muscle operation. Silver ions elevate cell energy levels, and at the same time the entire immune system. When the body regains its magnetism – electricity, it can as such reionize calcium, preventing osteoporosis.


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