Silver particles work to clean the face immaculately…

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Colloidal silver is more potent than antibiotics, a fact known to ancient Egyptians. Namely, silver solutions have been used for thousands of years in traditional Eastern medicine. Colloidal silver water is a potent antiseptic preventing germs from becoming resistant. It is highly efficient and its antimicrobial effect is unparalled.


Owing to its proven bactericidal and virucidal effects, this precious metal has found its place in cosmetics as well. It has been used for skin revitalisation and restoration of its tone and as an ideal treatment for saggy and dehydrated skin on your face, neck and chest.


Silver is the most reliable ally in combatting unwanted microorganisms that inhabit the facial skin and impair its health and beauty. Silver ions (99.99 Ag+ purity) leave a deep and lasting effect on the facial skin, reducing the signs of fatigue.


The power of silver prevents the onset of new acne. Its secret lies in its deep subcutaneous penetration where it has maximum effect. It stimulates and boots the immune system of skin cells, restoring the skin’s youthful glow.


Silver particles work to clean the face immaculately because silver penetrates deep into the skin, leaving it pristine.


The skin’s pH value may be easily thrown off balance by soap and other chemicals, while silver ions provide your skin with the perfect pH balance, offering the best antibacterial protection.


The antiseptic effect of silver on your face will prevent the onset of new acne, most often caused by skin pH imbalance.



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