Silver Nanoparticles and Silver Ions as Potential Antibacterial Agents


Medicinal silver is not a new thing. It was used in ancient civilizations to control infections. Recently, silver has been enjoying a revival as a therapeutic owing to an increasing bacterial resistance to antimicrobial medications. This revival has prompted researchers to examine how silver’s antimicrobial properties could be leveraged to broaden its antimicrobial applications.


Research to date has identified silver as having three anti-microbial mechanisms. 1. Silver ions can pierce the bacterial cell wall. 2. Silver ions can penetrate the bacterial cell, inhibit cellular respiration and obstruct metabolic pathways. 3. Once in the cell, silver can disrupt DNA and its replication cycle.


Historical records show that silver has been routinely used to control the spread of diseases as an indispensable material in every-day items. The earliest records of silver being used for therapeutic purposes dates to the Han Dynasty in China around 1500 BC. The Phoenicians, Macedonians and Persians are known for their frequent use of silver vessels and plates. The phrase ‘blue blood’ which refers to members of the aristocracy who developed argyria, a bluish-grey skin discolouration caused by the use of silverware, was coined in the middle ages. Nowadays, the risk of developing argyria is low thanks to medical grade forms of silver – colloidal silver, silver nitrate and silver sulfadiazine.


Silver Water is a completely safe, non-toxic and anti-allergic product. It contains silver ions – the most potent natural antibiotic. Silver Water boosts the immune system, destroys viruses, fungi and bacteria. It is beneficial in the treatment of all types of infections and inflammations. It aids the regrowth of cells and regeneration of the body on the whole.


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