Naturally-Occurring Silver

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…A strong immune system is the best health insurance…


Dr. Becker was one of the first to observe that there was a close link between an illness and a low level of silver in the body. People with a low level of silver in their bodies often had a weak immune system, were susceptible to flu, colds, inflammations and other illnesses. He believed that this very lack of silver was the main cause of poor immune function. Sufficient silver intake aids our protection against diseases, rejuvenation and invigoration.


His findings were validated by research conducted by Russian scientists establishing that silver is an integral element of our body tissues and its concentration in human and animal tissues in normal circumstances is 0.02mg per 100g of dry weight.


People ingest nutrients, as well as silver, through food. The use of fertilizers in agriculture, in the wake of society’s modernization, has resulted in the elimination of about 85% of the natural source of this mineral found in soils.


Given the insufficient quantities of silver contained in the food we consume today, it needs to be supplemented. This applies in particular if a diet is plant-based, where such food is fertilized. Food produced this way deprives the human body of a sufficient quantity of vitamins and minerals that would otherwise be naturally present in our bodies.



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