Is silver stronger than bacteria and viruses? Who will become a zombie in the fight? WE DISCOVER NOW

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The use of silver in medicine dates back thousands of years, and scientists have long known that the metal is a potent antibacterial agent. Silver ions perform their deadly work by punching holes in bacterial membranes and wreaking havoc once inside. They bind to essential cell components like DNA, preventing the bacteria from performing even their most basic functions.

But silver’s “zombie effect” has gone unrecognized—until now. To uncover this grisly mechanism, scientists first killed a sample of the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa using a solution of silver nitrate. Then, they carefully separated the dead bacteria from the silver solution. When they exposed living bacteria to the dead, they witnessed a microscopic massacre: Up to 99.99% of the living bacteria met their doom.


Silver is not a heavy metal. It is 100% natural, safe, non-toxic and non-allergenic. Any ingestion of colloidal silver identified as surplus to the body’s needs is flushed out so there is no accumulation in the tissues. This excludes any possibility of overdose or interaction with other drugs, either in humans or in animals. There is no record showing that any oral intake of colloidal silver with any other preparation would cause any adverse effects. To date there has been no recorded case of any allergic reaction to silver since it is mainly inactive inside the body. It is not harmful to the liver, kidneys or other organs.

Today, a silent war is being waged against alternative medicine. Alternative treatments are ridiculed and contested, while there is hardly any mention of the fact that the third cause of human death in the world is due to the so-called iatrogenic effect – the result of an adverse reaction to a drug or its improper application. Most drugs today have quite a number of side effects, each of which may be considered an illness in itself without doubt.
In some cases, it is necessary to take several drugs in order to neutralize the adverse effects of only one drug while such other drugs also have side effects of their own.

The alternative is the holistic approach to the human body by taking it as a whole where every organ and its health depend on the condition of the whole. Those who tried colloidal silver for the first time probably experienced the so-called Herxheimer Reaction.

This experience is the result of the following: silver effectively kills a large number of pathogens and in the process, the human body is confronted with a sudden flushing out of a mass of its toxins, which cannot be eliminated through the excretory system as usual. It forces the body to employ the secondary excretory organs – the lungs, sinuses and skin. This is a good indicator as it shows us that silver has started working and that the body is fighting to regain its health.


The immune system is designed to self-heal. We only need to give it a helping hand!


Read more about the antimicrobial action of silver in the National Library of Medicine


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