Naturally-Occurring Silver

…A strong immune system is the best health insurance…

Dr. Becker was one of the first to observe that there was a close link between an illness and a low level of silver in the body. People with a low level of silver in their bodies often had a weak immune system, were susceptible to flu, colds, inflammations and other illnesses. He believed that this very lack of silver was the main cause of poor immune function. Sufficient silver intake aids our protection against diseases, rejuvenation and invigoration.

His findings were validated by research conducted by Russian scientists establishing that silver is an integral element of our body tissues and its concentration in human and animal tissues in normal circumstances is 0.02mg per 100g of dry weight.

People ingest nutrients, as well as silver, through food. The use of fertilizers in agriculture, in the wake of society’s modernization, has resulted in the elimination of about 85% of the natural source of this mineral found in soils.

Given the insufficient quantities of silver contained in the food we consume today, it needs to be supplemented. This applies in particular if a diet is plant-based, where such food is fertilized. Food produced this way deprives the human body of a sufficient quantity of vitamins and minerals that would otherwise be naturally present in our bodies.

According to World Health Organization research, man ingests only 0.007mg of silver through water and food, while the daily requirement is around 0.1mg.

Man is Colloidal

…We see ourselves as we are, but without being aware of our full potential…

The term ‘colloid’ was mentioned for the first time in the 19th century when a Scottish chemist, Thomas Graham, used it to mark a solution containing extremely small particles. These are the tiniest particles 0.001 microns in size floating in water of 10 ppm concentration (10 silver particles per one million water particles, or 10 mg/L).

Colloid is found in all states of matter, which is interesting because many drugs today come in crystalline form. When administered, the body uses quite an amount of energy to transform it into colloidal form. That is why hospitals normally administer IV drugs to allow them to take quick effect. Also, drugs in crystalline form cause the body to retain waste products, placing a burden on the excretory system.

Given that the body needs silver to facilitate a stable immune system and create new healthy cells, as well as the fact that our blood is also colloidal, the simplest and most effective way to ingest silver is in the form of colloid.
In such form, as a result of the state-of-the-art technology, silver is absolutely safe for the human body as it is easily released within 24 hours. It makes colloidal silver the simplest and at the same time the most effective ‘natural remedy’ known to man today.

How Silver Works
…Conventional antibiotics cannot destroy viruses, but only help the cell defend itself from them…

Silver effectiveness against so many conditions is manifested in the inhibition of a pathogen cell’s respiratory enzyme. Silver acts as a catalyst blocking certain enzymes, which bacteria, viruses and fungi use in their metabolism. By doing so, these infectious agents are deprived of oxygen and food and then decay, with the body flushing them out through the excretory system. It happens so fast and so effectively that no microorganism can mutate or develop a resistance. At the same time, our tissue cells remain intact as their oxygen supply mechanism is totally opposite to that employed by bacteria.

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