History of Colloidal Silver


Throughout history, silver has been deemed one of the most significant and most functional traditional precious metals. Silver’s shine and whiteness are also reflected in its Latin name – ‘argentum’, originating from the Sanskrit word ‘light’. Although it is widely held that silver was produced in the Middle East as early as the 7th century BC, there is information to suggest that the Egyptians found silver by exploiting numerous mines in the Nubian Desert (4th century BC), and that in the early 3rd century BC, the silver exploitation process was widespread in Ancient Greece too.

There are records showing that potable water reserves were stored in silver pots during campaigns in Ancient Greece. So, during Alexander the Great’s campaign a phenomenon occurred that was inexplicable at the time. Recording one victory after another, in 327 BC the Greeks raided India. It seemed as if there had been no force strong enough to stop the fearsome army of the great commander. However, the Greek soldiers were struck down by ‘mysterious’ stomach and intestinal diseases. Exhausted and feeble, the soldiers started turning for home.

Interestingly, the Greek generals were seldom affected unlike the soldiers. It has taken two thousand years for scientists to explain this phenomenon: the point is that the soldiers drank water from tin jugs, and the generals from silver jugs. According to Herodotus, an ancient historian, as early as the 5th century BC, the Persian Tsar Cyrus, during his campaigns, kept potable water in ‘sacred’ silver pots. The Romans widely used silver nitrate for controlling infections. A well-known alchemist of the Middle Ages, Paracelsus, mentions the therapeutic effect of silver in his writings.

The ancient Arabs stored their water in silver pots to keep it fresh and free from bacteria. The deadly plague, having killed millions of people, steered clear of the Saracens and the Phoenicians, who kept water in silver pots, believing that such water could not cause deadly diseases. In Indian scriptures, one can find notes of how water was disinfected by sinking molten silver in it.

In the ancient chakra system, dealing with the seven energy centers of our body, it was believed that silver was connected to the sixth chakra, better known to us as the third eye, and that silver helped its opening, resulting in a keener sense of intuition and clairvoyance. Vedas recommend the intake of pure metals in order to maintain energy balance in the body. Silver as a liver and all bodily fluids cleaner plays an important role here. 

Research has shown that the Hunza people, populating northern Pakistan, do not suffer from cancer or cardiovascular diseases. It is believed that it is due to their centuries-long use of water springing from sources with high silver concentrations. The entire valley is renowned for the incredible health and longevity of its inhabitants.

In the Middle Ages, royal and noble families that ‘valued their status highly’ used silverware. Then, it was not only the question of mere prestige but that is how they protected themselves against cholera and plague epidemics, which in the rest of the population caused widespread death. In our region, there is a custom of consecrating a well by throwing a silver coin down it, or presenting a silver teaspoon as a gift on the birth of a child, symbolizing good health and longevity.

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