The Colloid company develops and manufactures products based on silver ion nanotechnology


Our guiding idea is to understand and cater to the needs of our consumers… To provide them with a first-rate Serbian product that is a match for the most popular global brands in terms of both quality and price. Our mission does not end here, but it takes us all the way to the creation of the best conditions both, for our consumers and for our employees, underpinned by inexhaustible motivation. Establishing and developing sound relationships with partners is also central to accomplishing our mission. In addition to the Republic of Serbia, our products have made their way to users in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia.


Our name is synonymous with that of an international company in tune with the time to come. To be and remain a standard-bearer time and again in production, new technologies and in lifestyle, lies at the heart of our vision. To be a company that not only keeps pace with new trends, but also predicts and creates them.


We firmly believe that a high level of expertise, strict hygienic and safety standards, suitable equipment and a controlled work environment are the only way to create and develop top-quality products.

Special attention is given to checking the quality of each individual batch of products. Colloid company operates according to the standards of ISSO 9001 and HCCP, for which it also has internationally recognized certificates.

Colloid is a company that has its own production facility, developed in cooperation with partners in Germany, Canada and the US, which consist of several production units.
Our production line features automated and semi-automated units, covering 600 m2, supervised by our experts.
Our production facility operates on the principles of good manufacturing practices, from the input of ingredients right through to the finished products.


Colloid’s first goal is to ensure, with support from its partners, the continuous availability of its products to those in need of them most. We put great effort into fostering existing partnerships, but we are also open to establishing new, sound partnerships. We firmly believe that mutual trust and transparent collaboration is the only way forward for us in researching and creating a top-quality product portfolio.

Corporate responsibility

Finding our place in society and the natural surroundings we operate in is of major importance to us. We actively participate in improving the quality of lifestyle both of our employees and their families, and of our local and wider community. We go to great lengths to ensure our consumption of resources, production processes, technology and materials place as little strain as possible on the environment. We take advantage of every opportunity to sponsor and donate and by doing so support various forms of relief, educational and sports projects and organisations.

New ideas

State-of-the-art technology, a renowned team of experts and the most stringent code of conduct inspires us with confidence that we can compete with the top global companies in this area owing to the high efficiency and quality of our products.


Years spent developing skincare and immune system boosting products have resulted in a product range capable of competing with the top international brands in standard, quality and price.

Our product portfolio includes face and body skincare preparations, as well as immune system and overall wellness boosting preparations, carefully crafted from high-quality ingredients.

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