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We ingest nutrients, as well as silver, through food. The application of fertilizers in agriculture, in the wake of society’s modernization, has destroyed as much as 85% of the natural source of this mineral found in soils. As the food we consume contains insufficient quantities of silver, it needs to be additionally ingested, in particular if a diet is based on fertilized plants, which is most often the case nowadays.

For thousands of years, long before the first antibiotic was developed, silver had been used as the only agent to counter numerous health conditions. Despite having taken a backseat to the pharmaceutical industry’s rapid progress, many researchers over the past number of decades have proved that there is no naturally-occurring agent that is more beneficial to overall human health than silver, without any side effects.

Silver as a catalyst

To date there has been no recorded case of any oral ingestion of colloidal silver, alone or in combination with any other preparations, having caused any adverse effects.
Once ingested in colloidal form, silver aids protection against sickness, rejuvenation and boosts energy levels.
Colloidal silver is most effective as prevention. Silver creates a back-up immune system saving T-cells and doing part of their job. Many illnesses develop only due to a low immune system, which entails T-cell deficit.

Silver is an essential element necessary for normal body functioning. The effect of colloidal silver on the development and maturing of a fetus has been observed. Its biochemical role, as an integral part of the defense system against oxidative damage, is to regulate biological reduction processes. This maintains the body’s natural balance and slows ageing.


Where the body is exposed to stress, toxic and other harmful agents (the effects of heavy metals, UV radiation, smog, smoking, excessive alcohol use), silver has an antioxidant and protective effect. It has been observed that silver heals the skin and other soft tissues like no other process in nature and induces the growth of new cells similar to those in children. These cells grow rapidly, sorting themselves into primitive compositions that replicate quickly and focus on a compatible part of the body most in need of regeneration, even in people over 50 years of age.


Safeguards your health and boosts your immune system!

Silver is not a heavy metal. It is all natural, safe, non-toxic and anti-allergic. Any ingestion of silver with a 99.99 Ag+ purity in colloidal form (10 particles of silver to one million particles of water, or 10 mg/l) that is surplus, is not essential to the body and is flushed out. Silver being a monovalent element excludes any possibility of overdose or interaction with other drugs, either in humans or in animals.



Natural, safe, non-toxic and anti-allergic!

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